Everybody deserves to enjoy playing a paid game in their mother tongue. Crewals’ translators are equal to the task, being not only highly talented translators but also highly experienced gamers. Under Cem Filiz’s guidance, the team has been focused for years now on game localization projects. Crewals has 16 regular translators and is able to translate 10,000 words daily. The team can handle even the largest projects and keep to the very highest standards.


            Everything might look OK on paper, but what about in-game? Are the translations appropriate for the context? What can be done if the target language requires more space to convey the same meaning? What should a ‘short but to the point’ translation be if the word space is limited? Are your fonts compatible with the Turkish language? How about reverse word order issues? Project-wide consistency? Game codes? Terminology? We have plenty of solutions for such issues. We play your game and analyse it thoroughly.


            Thanks to our previous localization projects, we have made some true friends in reporters and editors. We have a great deal in common when it comes to gaming. You might offer Turkish language support in your game, which would be fantastic, but are Turkish gamers aware of it? You need to ensure that the Turkish language community know about it. We can advertise your game via popular gaming portals, gaming news websites and social media. We can also help you to understand the Turkish gaming market.


            Turkish language support means that games become invaluable to us. It is only matter of time before we will see noticeable results and continuous improvement in our services. We listen. We care. We solve. Working on games is our prime interest. Our passion for gaming means that cooperation between game publishers and Crewals always produces the very best results. It is our goal to ensure that increasing numbers of games are published in Turkish and deliver the thrill of context.