(Team Leader, Proofreader)

Cem Filiz is a gaming addict. He loves playing games, analysing codes-strings, translating and testing them. He’s frequently heard to remark: ‘This game would be better in Turkish, let’s do it’. All of the group members work together in harmony under his management, working hard on any game that is required in Turkish. He graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of the University of Anatolia in 2008.


(PM, Translator, Tester)

Onur has been a gamer since he was 7 and says he owes his grasp of the English language to PC games. He believes that what makes a game is its compelling story, not just its fancy graphics. While he enjoys playing nearly every genre and subgenre of games out there, what he really loves are adventure games and RPGs.

Ceyhun ÖZGÖÇ

(Translator, Tester)

Ceyhun is a long-time gamer, right back to the Atari and NES days. In fact at the age of 6, he was known for playing horror titles on his PlayStation, with a dictionary by his side, describing the dialogues to his family. In time, his love for English and gaming grew up just like him and he chose to study translation just so that he could offer Turkish people the opportunity to enjoy the games in their native language.


(Translator, Tester)

Oytun really loves a good script. It’s what lead him to play countless games, dictionary by his side, during his childhood. Now he wants to translate games into Turkish in order to help a new generation of gamers appreciate a good script like him and to make sure they won’t need the dictionary.

Ahmet Sait AKTEN


Ahmet Sait is an aviation enthusiast and passionate gamer. He loves playing games with in-depth stories that allow gamers to explore new worlds, making their own decisions that result in a variety of outcomes. He is delighted to be part of Crewals, a localization team giving Turkish gamers the opportunity to enjoy the full gaming experience in their own language.


(Translator, Tester)

Enes is an English teacher, certified translator, musician and a composer. He loves the magical and poetic world of words in every language and he loves localization even more than he loves translating. His particular passion is anything to do with language in movies or gaming.



It was an old Atari 2600 console that made Cihat fall in love with gaming 15 years ago and since then he has always dreamt of being part of the game localization process and of helping video games reach a greater audience. These days, as an experienced gamer and an undergraduate Translation student, he is thrilled to be combining these two things to achieve his dreams.

Bedirhan KÖSE


Bedirhan enjoys playing games, investigating their stories and worlds. He also writes his own stories and animates his new worlds and atmospheres in digital media. ‘A good game is more than a game’ he says. He is currently studying in the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department at Selçuk University.



Çınar has considered himself a gamer since the first moment he picked up the controllers of his PS1. He especially loves games that tell interesting and shocking stories because, according to him, it’s the story that comes first. Considering this, it’s not too surprising that he enjoys RPG games most of all. He is currently an undergraduate student in Hacettepe University’s Translation & Interpretation department.


(Translator, Tester)

Erdem is Rockerdem. He loves rock music, movies, RC model cars, web development and PC games. He is highly attentive to the difference between translation and localization.

Alp Sezer ORAK


Alp has been considering himself as a gamer since the day he first trapped himself to death with his own bomb in Bomberman. He learnt everything he knows in English thanks to his gaming addiction, and he enjoys translating eventhough it isn’t his field of study. He likes to be free in games, especially in RPGs. He’s studying Electrical engineering at Anatolia University.

Mehmet GÜDER

(Graphic Designer)

Mehmet Güder is a just regular guy who often does remarkable things. He loves playing games, editing game textures and other art stuff.